Our Philanthropic cultural tours focuses on the  Cape Flats region and the ‘Coloured’ (mixed race) townships in Cape Town. Just over 50% of the population in Cape Town & the Western Cape province is classified as ‘Coloured’; who too were marginalised under the Apartheid regime. The Flats, as it are known by the locals, has a rich struggle history and this is reflected in their cultural offerings and stories.

Bonteheuwel (Colourful Hills)  is a working-class township which was established in the 1960’s as a new home for the victims of the Group Areas Act, especially those forcibly removed from District Six.Join us on an informative and interactive morning tour which comprises visits to 3 or 4 beneficiaries who are mostly privately funded, currently functional and doing amazing work in their respective communities. The beneficiaries visited benefit directly by the proceeds of the sale of our tours


Bonteheuwel High school
A non-fee-paying government school. This school has a dedicated principal and staff who together move mountains for the school.

Bonteheuwel Disabled Group
This is a ‘day care center’ for young adults from 18 years of age who have intellectual & physical disabilities.

Orchid Seniors
This senior’s group is run by Brenda, who left a career in the medical sector to attend to the needs of the seniors in this community.

Shaunez Benting
a self-taught Visual / Fine Artist who resides in Bonteheuwel. His paintings depict the street life of the historic cultural mix in South Africa.

Egoli Project
This is a small community of about 20 thousand people, located in a region which is predominantly farmland.